Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Margate Jazz Festival

Being in a wheelchair I don't get out much but yesterday I had a dentist appointment and had to park at the Turner Contemporary and Heather pushed me to the dentist at the bottom of the high street. As we went past Petes Fish Factory I saw a banner for the up coming Jazz Festival and made a mental note when next passing I would take a picture and post it on here. I went past today, admittedly in the car but still no camera and still no picture. I also wanted to take a picture of the dropped curb at the crossing by the bottom of the High Street for a non wheelchair user it would be fine when I wasn't in a wheelchair I wouldn't have noticed. On the sea side of the road it is like a cliff my wife had to turn the wheelchair round the small wheels wouldn't climb it, the other side of the crossing was fine even the low curb had been built up with tarmac to make it smooth. So if any of you reading this are road menders if you fit dropped curbs dont make them like mountains had I been on my own I daresay I would have been stuck

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