Saturday, 21 June 2014

Manston gone but not forgotten

I personally don't think we will ever see aircraft at Manston, I also doubt we will ever find out Thanet Council's dirty deeds in all of this. What I do think is whoever it was at TDC who intimidated to Ann Gloag's people they would get planning permission were thinking Thanet would just roll over and kiss Manston good bye. How wrong were they? Roger Gale is a Conservative and his government could have helped Thanet by saying Manston in the last strategic transport review. But I in my cynical way think someone had already said to Ann Gloag's cronies we are not going to recommend it you spend a pound and we will split the profits. Or is that just me being a cynic?
Whatever was said by whom and to whom will never ever come out all I can say is I think it stinks from the lowest minions right up to the transport Secretary. People authorise feasibility studies costing millions on Boris' s stupid Island but that's alright it keep the old boys network in work. But those poor sods in Thanet .  Never mind they ain't got nothing so they won't miss the work, if they build houses down there we can fill them with London's great unwashed and its a darn site cheaper sending the unwanted to Thanet then we can move in some Tory voters in and make London boroughs Blue again.
This may just be the rant of an old man in his dotage but I am really hacked off with those in positions of power doing no good. TDC are no different to council's the country over but TDC has a history of being very good at what they do, that is cock things up. I must say I try not to knock TDC there are plenty of others out there who do that far better than me. But I was disgusted last week heading out of Thanet and saw what appears to be plastic flowers in baskets where previously we had ' real flowers. On the railings on the dual carriageway at Westgate. Some bright spark thought plastic flowers make a welcoming site to visitors when they arrive. I am beyond words. We used to have great floral displays but those we do have look childish a little like TDC. Still I am old and I won't have to many more elections left, a bit like some of our current crop both national and local.

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