Monday, 16 June 2014

Made of Margate Haeckels make the perfume of the sea incese

One of my fathers day presents was a tin of Haeckels Juniper driftwood and samphier incense cones. I had already seen these at my daughters house and commented how nice they smell. Well now I have some of my own and the house smells of Juniper. My wife loves the whole candles Incense thing and last night she set one off and the smell was amazing. Dom Bridges has started making his beach harvested seaweed skin care products & fragrances which are all made from locally foraged Margate ingredients. He harvests the ingredients all from the beaches of Thanet mainly Walpole Bay in Cliftonville and he is passionate about the Local area. His shop is located just a few hundred yards from the Winter Gardens at 18 Cliff Terrace and is also close to Forts Cafe .
Dom can be found on Facebook click here
and also on Twitter I tweet him most days
He also is on Tumblr find him here
I dont do Instagram but he does


  1. He might sell more if his shop was ever open, if it displayed products /prices/opening times in the window/ and if he did some local advertising.

  2. Considering Walpole Bay is the closest point to sewage outfall and where untreated flows regularly occur I am surprised that he collects his ingredients there.


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