Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Cliftonville Farmers Market this weekend

I have been talking to the guys at Cliftonville Farmers Market on TWITTER and this weekend there will be Classic car show, live music on the band stand, clog dancing, a man with an organ but this weekend there will be a special guest appearance of BORIS. Everyone knows Boris, the one with a mop of unruly hair and a few hundred bikes, Daft fella who has ideas about Islands in the estuary if not Islands in the sun Looks a bit like a jumble sale on steroids you know the guy........... Boris well he is going to be at this Sundays Farmers Market. NO NOT THAT BORIS this Boris
Royal Barkshire Biscuits Boris is the one I am talking abouttaster in chief of all the doggy treats. He like doggy treats and has to taste all the new flavours.

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