Wednesday, 21 May 2014

selfie in polling booth will result in prison

This article caught my eye via Twitter tonight, people caught taking a selfie in the polling stations face jail.  I have voted via my postal vote, how would it be enforced had I videotaped or taken deluded when casting my vote? Had I known about this beforehand I may well of been tempted, Nah I wouldn't but it's a nice thought. I have never taken a selfie so why I would do one just because I have exercised my right to vote is beyond me. In some places evidently it has raised the number of young people voting and we know Dave C is up for a selfie and I bet Nigel F would've been.

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  1. If you photograph anyone else and their paper then yes but there's nothing to stop one revealing one's own vote if you wish to. But I guess if you take a selfie due to peer pressure then that could be jeopardising your privacy.


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