Friday, 16 May 2014

Stay at Botany Bay Hotel Broadstairs Margate

Anyone who follows me on my other blogs or on the MS Forum will know we have had family visiting this week. Well we cant put them up and have in the past stayed at the Fayreness. The Fayness has been taken over by Shepherd Neame and is now called the Botany Bay Hotel. A good choice of name because it is located at Botany Bay wonder why no one had ever thought of that before? I also wonder what the meeting was like when Shepherd Neame got everyone together to brainstorm a new name for the new hotel at Botany bay? Getting back to the Aunt and Uncle who had come to visit. He had already discovered the Fayreness was the Botany Bay Hotel when he had gone online he was simply redirected to the new site and booked himself in online with no fuss, as a family we had already discussed the dates and with the online booking service he clicked and booked simples as the meercat would say.
I was the only fly in the ointment being of a simple disposition I went and booked for the wheelchair man to call and service my electric wheelchair when everyone wanted to go to Quex Barn for lunch. I had a cheese Roll sitting at home waiting they had a super lunch, hmmm note to self organise things better next time! Heathers Aunt and Uncle had a fantastic room with a sea view over looking Botany Bay and doors with a Balcony allowing the outside in for that feeling of the sea side. The family got together and had a marvellous meal last night but I didn't join them I had worn myself out and my Multiple Sclerosis warns me when In need rest, still the rest enjoyed themselves and all gave good reports of the food and service at the Botany Bay Hotel. It may be newly opened after the refit but according the Uncle it seemed to be near capacity booked so while I recommend the Botany Bay Hotel do book first to avoid disappointment.

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