Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Margate Dreamland to open 2015

I have just been trying to see what is happening with Dreamland Thanet Council are hoping to reopen parts of the site with a refurbished and restored scenic railway for next year. I have taken this from the TDC website :-
The council is working towards re-opening the first phase of the park in 2015 with a restored Scenic Railway, thrilling historic rides and top quality food and beverage outlets. Further phases would then follow.
The council has a professional project management team on-board to manage the project.
I must say I went past the site last week and couldn't see any work going on. It would be nice with the technology we have available now to have a webcam on the site showing its progress to the world to generate interest in what is according to Director for Community Services, Madeline Homer, said: “Dreamland has the potential to be a major economic driver for the district. We’re working incredibly hard behind the scenes to drive this development forward and will be doing all we can to keep the community up to date with our progress. Identifying a suitable operator to run the park is a major step in the journey, with the plan to open the first phase of the park in April 2015. Is this ambitious? Absolutely. Are there risks involved? Of course, but we’re committed to keeping the momentum going and involving those with the appropriate skill and expertise to see this project through.”
Well Madeline for such an ambitious project it would be nice to know what is going on it is not only the residents of Thanet who are eager to know what is going on at Dreamland the Roller Coaster enthusiasts you whish to attract are world wide. I would love that TDC can document the restoration for future generations to be able to reference. I can see it now pictures on the web showing craftsmen rebuilding the Scenic Railway. A carpenter in his workshop with his hand tools lovingly planing a sliver of wood with an acient hand tool. In reality it will be an electric planer on a mnew business park but I am a dreamer in Dreamland. Come on TDC get this on the web with a webcam and let the world Know whats going on.

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