Monday, 19 May 2014

Margate Busy but I went to Faversham Transport Show

The beach was busy  and cars were were at all the usual bottle necks the same  as cars have done since I first came to Margate with my Mum and Dad in the early 1960's. I can remember my mum coming home from visiting my dad who was in the Royal Sea Bathing and she told me about the Mods and Rockers on Margate sea front. Well we were heading out of Thanet and the queues were for those heading for a sun filled day on the beach. Heather and I plus two friends were heading twenty five miles up the Thanet Way to Faversham. The reason for our exodus on the hottest day of the year was Faversham's Transport Weekend two days of fun and frolics which were transport based. When we got parked opposite the duck pond at Stonebridge and we headed into the town. I was on my electric wheelchair for the first real trip out of the year. The crowds were a bit of a problem stop start and avoiding obstacles but all was well until trying to get up a dropped curb and it wasn't terribly raised it stopped the wheelchair dead and I slid out of the seat and frantically tried and eventually won the fight to stop ending up on the deck. In wish building inspectors had to go around in wheelchairs for a week trying to negotiate the dropped curbs they pass as OK.
Rant over, we had a fantastic day and I even managed a few photo's something I haven't done in earnest since last year. Taking pictures from wheelchair height is not easy but it adds a new dimension to my photography. I cannot stand up at all now so its something I have to live with, another gift from the Multiple Sclerosis fairy. Well we ended up on Standard Quay and I sat in the shade while the others hunted down a cold drink. I can remember stand more or less where we were when the last Ship was launched in the late 1960's. I stayed sat in the shade whilst the others retrieved the car from its Stonebridge Pond parking spot. We had intended to eat at Faversham but now the wheelchair was safely stowed back in the car we decided to change plans and headed off in search of bacon and egg sarnies at Tankerton. No easy parking so onwards and upwards we headed from Tankerton and found a parking spot overlooking the sea an Herne Bay  where we sat eating fish and chips watching the jetski's and people on the beach. The end of a great day. I was exhausted but happy.

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  1. Sounds like you had a very interesting day Don. I think you hit the nail on the head, those inspectors should ride in a wheel chair for a week before they design their curbs. That all being said I am glad you all enjoyed your day, and finishing off with fish and chips, yum! Have a great week my friend. Denise xxx


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