Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Manston what will happen?

Le roi est mort, vive le roi !,Which translates to The King is dead Long live the King! pretty much sums up  how I feel about Manston. If it is  going to close lets get the new KING in and things moving. The 150 people who are loosing their jobs must be feeling that Ann Gloag is the wicked witch of the North even though she is famous for her charitable works. She certainly is not behaving in a charitable manner towards Manston. I cant begin to think what is going to happen out there but all I can say is I still hope Manston has a future in aviation and that night flights are resumed just to annoy ECR who has been opposed to them. I would assume the new owners have the site ear marked for housing but why they would think TDC would grant planning permission without having been given some guidance is beyond me. Maybe Thanet District Council have already given some indication as to whether the site would be allowed planning permission. I doubt any of the councils planning department would say if any talks of this nature has taken place.
Why would Ann Gloag want to invest in Manston? She and her cohorts have been very successful at stripping the assets of the various bus companies and run a very tite ship but despite her charitable inclinations she has been ruthless toward competitors. That may not be her in person but others in the Stage Coach group but I doubt she is concerned by the people who are loosing their jobs. For her it is a business transaction and job losses are an inevitable consequence of that deal. Unfortunatly for us at the other end of the country we are the ones dealing with the fall out of this.


  1. A very sad state of affairs Don, always very sad and devastating to families to lose their jobs like this.

  2. Well what an uninformed blog you write.
    They dont need TDC to be happy with them building houses planning will decide and they have guidelines if gloag and co follow them there is nothing TDC KCC Gale or sandys can do about it.

  3. Don, it’s a brownfield site, and I would guess there are not that many large brownfield sites without serious land contamination issues in the southeast and certainly few that have a desirable outlook. Now with a Greenfield site or a site in a conservation area there could be lots of reasonable grounds to turn down planning applications, with Manston I can’t see there are many. Obviously if TDC were to turn down a planning application without reasonable grounds then the developer would just appeal to the planning inspectorate.

    There would be very little grounds for stopping housing there, any industrial planning applications there have to conform with very stringent drainage regulations because of the site being on the drinking water aquifer, that’s about it really.

    Forgot about your word verification or I wouldn't have bothered to posts.

  4. Thank you 19:07 and I may be uniformed but I do know my own name. TDC has its own planning department with councillors who are on the planning department and given the state of play at TDC anything's possible.

    Michael your concerns regarding the water table should be increasing if houses are built thousands of houses and cars. I thought I had turned off comment moderation have done so now.

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  6. Don
    I dont want to seem as though im being antagonistic. Its my post at 19.07. Just that I thought you would understand there is nothing that anybody can do to prevent Gloag from building on that land. As long as she sticks to the rules laid out in the guidelines set out by Westminster. If they try to stop her in a underhanded way she will take them to court and that will be very expensive for TDC.
    As for reinstating night flights to annoy ECR it would also annoy 40,000 people in Ramsgate plus 49,000 in Herne bay. This sort of uncaring attitude towards people that have to deal with a private company who given half a chance would blight the life's of 1000s of people to make a few quid is unacceptable.
    If an airport cant attract enough flights in the day how can you expect local people to put up with noise though the night because they cant land anywhere else because of restrictions and rightfully so


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