Sunday, 25 May 2014

Manston UKIP will sort it

It just dawned on me with Laura Sandys due to stand down at the next General Election Nigel will be standing for the seat all we have to do is wait for the UKIP aficionado to ride in on his big white steed and all will be sorted. Or Not?
Manston has been sold out and whilst some think TDC will come to the rescue I have lived in Thanet long enough to know TDC whilst OK with dodgy drains and  knocking down skate parks built by kids it aint going to be able to cope with sorting Manston out anytime soon. The world could come to an end on Tuesday but TDC wouldn't get the email until 2017. The whole debarckle beyond our wanna be council. The reason Hart stood down may well be he saw the clouds on the horizon and he may well have known the officer or officers who sold out Manston had not read the script. I have been pro manston for years and have never disguised my support and when I phoned the Thanet Times a few years back I spoke to a certain reporter who was anti Manston that story never got published because he lives under the flight path he wanted to be anonymous about his dislike for Manston but his alter ego lives on. Manston has never been given a fare crack of the whip. The Government could have saved Manston at the last budget when it messed with the Airport Commission report. But No the powers to be never gave a si9ngle thought about Manston and the good folks of Thanet. It wants more runways at Gartwick and Heathrow Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said:      Aviation is vital to the UK economy and we need to have a long term aviation policy which meets the challenges of the future. Sir Howard and his team will now take forward this vitally important work for the government and bring a much-needed fresh perspective to the debate. But it never considered Manston or the jobs it could create in the area the failure of our airport is down to Government and the way they create wealth for their mates  Some one somewhere wants houses on the runway all I can say is that someone aint me.

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