Thursday, 29 May 2014

Dreamland fire scenic railway unhurt

Another fire at Margate's historic Dreamland park the place seems to be jinxed either that or the area is prone to spontaneous combustion.This time it seems the scenic railway the historic jewel in the crown of the plan to rejuvenate Margate with an historic Dreamland theme park was unharmed in this latest fire. The last blaze on the site made a mess of the wooden structure and several of the 1920's carriage' s were lost. I have said in the past we need to have webcams on the site showing the worldwide roller coaster aficionado' s Margate is the place to be. I don't know how things are planning out it seems to have gone quiet on the progress front. Hope it can be open for next year but it is looking less and less likely and arson won't speed the process up any.
I have just done a google search and discovered a new Dreamland Visitor centre has opened I found it on the Isle of Thanet Gazette site and found a video of the opening on Youtube
I wish the Dreamland team all the best going forward visit their website by CLICKING HERE

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