Saturday, 10 May 2014

Cliftonville houses for sale on TV in a Move To Margate

Just watching an old TV show about buying houses and Kirsty is showinga chap from London a house bery near where I live in Margate. In fact if my memory serves me correct I repainted the house near on 30 years ago, that was in a different life time before Multiple Sclerosis wrecked my body. I cant negotiate stepping onto a thick carpet now so remembering days when I used to be climbing ladders is painful. Margate is a marvelous destination for home buyers moving out from London and having lived in Thanet for over 30 years now I recomend it to people wanting to relocate to be beside the seaside. Margate is where I now live but when I first moved to Thanet I purchase a property in Ramsgate. So as far as I am concerned Margate and Ramsgate are wonderful places to live.
             When I was first married we lived in Faversham and when I got home at night my wife who is Margate born an bread would want me to take her to see the sea. The fact that Faversham has a salt water creek wasn't enough she wanted to be able to see the sky meeting the sea, waves on the horizon. The ship's as they pass, the gulls screeching and the smell of the salt water on the breeze was what she missed, the sights and sounds she had grown up with. I am glad we settled in Faversham rather than Maidstone because our regular trip to Whitstable and s Seasalter would have taken a whole lot more driving had we settled further in land. As it happens after a few years we moved back to Thanet  and set up home in Ramsgate. I can remember when we first got to Ramsgate I was like a fish out of water. I didn't know where to get a flat tyre fixed or an MOT station without asking someone. All of my familiar haunts where twenty five miles away, all the friend's I had grown up with all the shops and pubs I had known all my life were miles away and in those days the Thanet Way was a three lane death trap where you took your life into your hands each time you ventured on to it.
Well bringing us up to date and skipping the boring bits, I now live in Margate but anywhere in Thanet is good. Ramsgate with its Royal harbour, Broadstairs with its quant fishing quay and its literary connections to Charles Sickens and its famous Folk festival.Westgate on Sea and Birchington is great some one once told me Birchington is Kent's biggest village I don't know if that is true but it's a wonderful spot and many people retire to Thanet. And I know Birchington was one of the first places to have Bungalows. Also you can still see houses in Birchington built with Victorian artists in mind.

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