Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Canterbury Woman fined for litter

I  just read with amazement how a Canterbury Woman is complaining about getting fined for dropping her cigarette but. Is she mad I bet she is mad at being caught, I wonder over her life how many times she has just disguarded  litter and never thought twice about it. If it takes a few eighty pound fines to make people realise the world is not one great big dumping ground. People have no respect and just drop things I have blogged about fly tipping before. I have no belief that the powers to be do enough to counter fly tipping maybe it is cheaper to clean up after them than it is to catch them. You always see rubbish discarded but I never see those responsible in court. I remember a TV clip about a community cut off from the outside world and they were just about to get connected to a tarmac road, when asked about the prosperity tourists would bring he replied if each tourist drops one napkin or plastic bag we will soon become as big a tip as the outside world. We don't want tourists.

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  1. My son was fined in Chatham a few years ago for the same offence. He paid up but pointed out that he was an easy target while just up the road the usual gang of street drinkers dropped their empty super strength lager cans with impunity.


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