Thursday, 15 May 2014

Beautiful Sunny Weekend Margate Beach it is then HEATWAVE

With the barometer set for a heatwave Margates wonderful Seafront traders are setting up for a bumper weekend. Candy Floss  and Ice Creams Burt Backs and Sore shoulders will be the order of the day. It is almost compulsory for trippers not to use sun cream and go hone glowing like a belisha beacon. I have lived here for thirty odd years and it never fails to amaze me people not putting sun cream on. Well enough said about sun burn, Margate Broadstairs and Ramsgate will be open for Ice Creams this weekend and with British Rail doing return tickets for a tenner leave thje car at home and partake in a local bevy or two.  But do pack the Ambre Solaire according to the weather forecasters its a HEATWAVE

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