Friday, 25 April 2014

Watching Snooker on BBC

I am out of bed today and watching the snooker, Ronnie O'Sullivan is playing, I always find him an exciting player to watch but here he is looking like the score is about to show him trailing by three frames. I used to play snooker albeit very badly, but being in the wheelchair has put an end to me getting anymore high breaks of five, yes I was that bad! I was confined to bed yesterday Multiple Sclerosis does that I could hardly stand so stayed in bed all day, I did try watching the snooker in bed but kept sleeping and waking having missed a couple of frames.
 My old snooker partner has just been to visit and we both had ideas how the current crop of snooker players were nowhere as good as were in our hey day. But he did manage to get my electric wheelchair into the back of the car. We bought a set of aluminium ramps last year and they are very useful for getting in places where previously I had been bumped up and down steps. Now the electric wheelchair will be joining us on days out giving Heather a break from pushing me around everywhere. Our daughters took the grand children down to the Lee's at Folkestone during the Easter Holidays and I knew it was all on a slope at the adventure playground they aimed to visit so we stayed  at home knowing it would be an exhausting day in the push wheelchair but now that has all changed. Being able to take the electric out and about will make my life more interesting.  Ronnie has just been gifted a red to let him back in and as you would expect he is punishing Joe Perry  for his mistake.
Ronnie O'Sullivan
I must sign off now as Heather is doing the school pick up today and we have got two of the grandsons for tea. When they get here I wont have a chance to blog so by for now. Ronnie won by the way.

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