Friday, 11 April 2014

so what is going to happen to Manston?

We have Manston in the hands of an asset stripper par extraordinaire so we can expect it to be carved up.Ann Gloag has made millions out of Converting large bus stations into super markets but bus stations are on BUS routes and tend to have people around them look at Lidl on Ramsgate Road that is one of Thanets busiest routes with tens of thousands of cars going past the front door, but Manston has none of that. Sure she could put houses out there but at what strain to our schools and hospital doctors and other services couldn't cope. She hardly has a track record of leaving palaces better after her cohorts have been in and made the most financially out of a site. And with our council's record of bonkers decisions (I won't mention the tunnel to the harbour or the ferry)
So what will happen, I wouldn't mind betting Lambeth council and other London boroughs are queued up to rehome their unwanted homeless. So Manston can become a London oversupply ghetto in a few shot years. I am not scare mongering Lambeth reportedly bought 29 houses down here already, was that a practice run? I have always supported Manston but I must admit to seeing that the end is Nye.


  1. As in other areas a would be predatory assert stripper buys ( or takes options on) a facility whilst having positive plans for a competing facility ( in our case Southend Airport).When the time is right ( for the predator not the locality)the predator unloads the assets after ensuring that any successor cannot make a success of positively promoting the facility in the future .

  2. Dave this would have been a cheap way of ensuring the other airport succeeds

  3. Don, no developer is going to build so someone can dump all of their unwanted there.

    This already happens today across the converted victorian houses across Thanet. Manston airport as a housing estate will be a very nice place to live.

  4. It's easy to criticise Anne Gloag but I would expect nothing else from a ruthless businesswoman. You don't make a fortune in business by behaving as if you are a charity. Where criticism can legitimately be levelled is at TDC and KCC. For the last 15 years they have ignored the mounting evidence that Manston could not be a commercial success. Councillors and officers alike have just kept on spouting the same old mantra "Manston, great potential, thousands of jobs, blah blah blah). What should they have been doing? Well, anyone looking at the situation realistically, would have concluded that there was a real danger that the airport would go bust. A responsible council would have been making contingency plans for this eventuality and would have been setting out a planning framework for what would and would not be allowed. TDC and KCC haven't done this. They are now on the back foot and may find it very difficult to fight a proposition for residential development.


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