Wednesday, 9 April 2014

New Lamb's in the field's

Had a ride out to Faversham and the on to Teynham today. Had fish and chips in Teynham and drove through the countryside looking to new baby lamb's. We were not disappointed saw lots at Faversham and also at Graveney unfortunately now where safe to park and get any pictures to make this a ahhh ohhhh post but I think you would rather us be safe. I originate from Faversham so pointed out old places to Heather for the hundredth time and she graciously pretended not to have heard these tales before. Something special about going back, my parents died fifty years ago next year but you don't forget happy memories. The time makes those memories seem shinier, you forget the hardships. I had a great day I just hope I am not to exhausted tomorrow, it really is one day at a time at the moment as my Multiple sclerosis is tending to bite hard and often. But like the memories the bad days are soon gone and I will only remember the good days.

Update on how I feel today. It is 5:45pm I am still in bed. I just tried to get up but my legs said no. Dinner in bed it is then. I have been asleep virtually all day. My MS keeps reminding me it's in charge.Hmmm.let's hope tomorrow is better.

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