Saturday, 5 April 2014

Margate Botany Bay and Broadstairs for Easter

Easter Holidays are off to a good start.I have just been out for a ride with my wife and we called round to see the Grandchildren. we then went to see Ross at the Botany Bay Beach Kiosk. I stayed in the car. We were parked outside the Botany Bay Hotel and it looks nice after its recent refit and transformation from the Fayreness Hotel into the Botany Bay Hotel. There were several people outside in the beer garden enjoying the afternoon sun and the sea views. I sat in the car while Heather went down the steps cut out of the chalk cliffs to see Ross and make sure he was OK as this was his first day open for the new season, and with the children all being off school he is all set for a busy Easter Holiday. Ice creams Lolly's and Bacon Sarnies will be the order of the day. Heather came back with a new Cadbury nuts about caramel ice lolly which I ate in the beautiful sunshine watching the sea lap the sands. My theory about always being able to count ten ships was proved wrong today as I only managed four.
We left Botany Bay and Ross's beach kiosk behind us and headed over to Broadstairs which was extremly busy. We turned round  and headed back to Margate and drove past the Turner Contemporary and onto Margate front, there was a sprinkling of people on the beach and all the shops and cafes seemed to be serving people. We then went on along the front past the train station and through Westbrook towards our beach hut. The reason for this was to see if it had been erected yet but the answer was no. The council hire out beach huts during the season and they haven't been put down yet so we are in good company. The firm that does our hut does the council ones as well so we will keep our eyes peeled to see  when it goes down.
Margate Westbrook Botany Bay and Broadstairs all seemed to have visitors and the shops and cafes all set for the Easter break and summer season. I will have to head on over to Ramsgate this week but my guess is they will be waiting to greet holiday makers as much as the other Thanet towns. Head on down and visit us soon soak up the rays at Margate or any one of Thanets golden sandy beaches. Bring a bucket and spade and the kids are sure to have fun at any of our marvellous beaches.

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