Monday, 7 April 2014

Margate and the Turner Contemporary on BBC news

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself, its been three years since the TC opened. It has had over one million visitors. Now I know there are those who say people only go in to use the toilets or shelter from the rain but I have friends and family from all over the country who have travelled from far and wide to go and visit. So out of the million plus people a large proportion of people have wanted to be there not for the toilets but the art. The BBC interviewed a couple of people who will never  set foot inside the Turner and I dare say Thanet has a lot of those, people who will always moan about the cost of building the place and say it could have been spent on this or that. But the reality is it was spent on the Art Gallery and the Turner is what we have got. Those people will never see the benefits that the place has bought with it. Education for all ages and abilities, in the BBC piece they showed people with learning difficulties engaging with others via the medium of art and music. Not exactly seaside rock but great to see how various groups are engaging with art not just in the gallery itself but in the wider community.
  The piece also covered how the local area has benefited by the dozens of new start up shops bars and restaurants that have made Margate and Thanet their home. Margate Old Town is once again buzzing with people and they are not all just locals but people making Thanet their destination of choice. I always manage to strike up a conversation with anyone and on a recent visit to the town on Mothers Day I spoke to  people from Thanet Canterbury Whitstable Medway and London. Those self same people recommended I visit local eateries and places they themselves had discovered. Margate is changing and changing for the better. There are fantastic new places in the area. New businesses that are carving out a niche for themselves here in Thanet. Super places to eat, great places to drink including new micro brewers and wonderful new pubs. And shops selling stuff from Shabby Chic to designer good. Areas to do and to display all manner of Art. Ceramic artists have moved to the area along with Jewellery designers and Silversmiths maybe soon we will have a vibrant jewellery quarter to rival Birmingham's or to take on Hatton Garden. We have always had a vibrant Antiques trade and now we have Retro shops both furniture and home goods and Retro Clothes and fashion.
So on the Third anniversary  of the Turner Contemporary Margates very own answer to the Tate Gallery we can in my mind say it has been a great success. If you are planning a staycation I recommend Margate it has it all. Shops Restaurants and galleries, some marvellous hotels and miles and miles of  blue flag sandy beaches and bays stretching from Birchington through Westgate Margate Cliftonville Botany Bay and Stone Bay onto Broadstairs with its picturesque harbour then round via Dumpton Gap and onto Royal Harboured Ramsgate. Somewhere in the region of 15 miles of sun soaked sandy beaches. Come and see us soon.


  1. And long may it thrive. Sounds like a wonderful place. Denise xxx

  2. Thank you Denise I believe it is truly a great place I would love to see it thriving. When I was a lad it was before the first package holiday and the beaches were packed and Margate was all hotel's and guest house's it has been in decline but I feel we have turned the corner.

  3. Other towns (e.g. Ramsgate) are available.

  4. But Dickie your in Ramsgate, reason enough to put it high on the tourism map. I used to live in Ramsgate.


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