Sunday, 13 April 2014

Liverpool for the title?

I am still in bed and having just watched Liverpool beat Manchester's blue half of the city I wish I could get out of bed and dance a jig. At the start of the season I must admit I didn't see this coming.but now with four matches to go they are top of the league. My son will be delighted he is the Liverpool supporter I am a follower by osmosis. I always keep an eye on certain teams across all the leagues and don't really support in the true sense of the word any one team. If people as who do you support I generally say Sunderland, reason being when on holiday years ago we took our son on a tour of the Stadium of Light.  I must say I used to go to watch Margate virtually every home match. But became disenchanted her they had to ground share I claimed Sandy Ezekiel, he seemed dead set against Margate town FC. He may have been no good as a footballer as a kid, he certainly wasn't that good as a councillor but that's another story. Well done Liverpool four more wins and the league cup is yours.

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