Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lambeth Council move homeless to Margate

I spend my days in a wheelchair so have more time than most to peruse the tinternet. During todays hours of boredom I came across a report that Lambeth Council are sending families in need of temporary accomodation to Thanet. Twitter was the first place I heard anything about this influx of Lambeths unwanted homeless. I would love for everyone to have a roof over their head but Thanet seems to have become a dumping ground for other peoples problems, and them guess what. Their problem then becomes Thanets problem. Its mot like these people will become DFL's sold up in London and retired to sunny Margate by choice and will be spending wads of cash in the local area.
No these people will be uprooted from the home area of choice, they will be given a property they dont want and in a place they dont want to stay in. Can you see these people actually contributing to the local area? They will not want to be here and be doing all they can to get out of Thanet. We have stopped the dumping of children here and I would like to think we could stop this dumping of Lambeths unwanted too.

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