Monday, 14 April 2014

Fly Tipping is a crime put them in court

My nephew spend most of his week collecting other peoples rubbish FLY TIPPED in mid Kent. Swale Bourough Council spend fortunes removing the rubbish tipped by criminals, yes anyone fly tipping is a criminal. Your Rates and my Rates go toward that fortune and it is being paid out because of criminals. That money cant be spent on other things Social Care for old people home helps street cleaning schools libraries, here in Margate TDC have to cut funds from other things to pay for the builder who tips rubbish in a lay bye or the home owner who tips a broken bed behind the wall at the back of the school playing field. It is not a victim less crime EVERY SINGLE PERSON is affected it is our money being used to pay for some lazy criminals action. So if you see someone loading a lot of junk in their car at ten oclock at night phone the police if youu see some one dragging a mattress out of their flat and leaving it in the alley behind the house report them. It is disgusting unsightly and indirectly costing you money.
Fines for fly tipping can be levied to a householder who pays someone to do work and the rubbish generated is subsequently fly tipped. As a house holder ensure you use people who are registered to dispose of your rubbish be it a gardener who cuts your hedge or mows your grass if he takes it away to dispose of it ensure its not being dumped in a farmers field, if its linked back to you a knock on the door from the police could be on the cards. House Clearer's furniture shops offering to take away your old bed or carpet layers taking away the old carpet need a licence from KCC to transport rubbish
and scrap metal dealers need a licence to transport and deal 

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