Thursday, 17 April 2014

Crystal Palace get to forty points

In the premiership 40 is the magic number. Way back in November when Tony Pulis  was appointed manager Palace were floundering at the foot of the table and many thought survival in the premiership a heady ambition. But it now looks certain. I have said previously that I don't actually support one single team and it is true of Palace. I don't support them in the true sense of being a supporter but follow their progress. Sometimes I will follow a team because I don't like them which is the case of Birmingham I went off them after being mooned by supporters in coaches returning from a match several years ago. Still well done to them but everything has an opposite action and the win last night is bitter sweet Everton will find it harder to get above Arsenal for fourth Champions league spot. FOOTBALL'S a funny old game you are never satisfied.

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  1. Come on, Don, become a Palace supporter! I promise you, life will never be dull. We're forever being promoted, relegated, threatened with administration, nearly put out of business by money-grubbing hedge funds, and change our managers more often than our shirts… All that excitement in return for the occasional shout of EEEEEE-gulls! Bargain!


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