Saturday, 19 April 2014

Beware asking if you eat at the Sportsman Seasalter, Mitchelin Stars go to the head

My Brother and his wife came to see me this week and conversations got round to what we had been up to since we last caught up. Mine was a trip out and fish n chips out of the paper in the car at Crispins in Teynham and Crab and Chips eaten on the Harbour steps at Margate Old Town. His hi lites had been their 50th wedding anniversary Meal at Reads in Faversham and another meal eaten at the Michelin Star Sportsman at Seasalter. Well Three of these foodie delights were a great success and it wasn't the one with a Michelin Star. I must say personally I have never eaten anything with stars on but he has and often eats at Reads which has recently lost it's coveted star.
We both he and his wife were put in there place by the chef who when asked by my sister-in-law to not have the loin of salt marsh lamb pink she likes it just over, one would think a reasonable request and one I have heard often, but no if you have a Michelin Star for the first time the chef comes out to convince you it just juices and the only way to eat his best quality orgainic lamb is pink. EXACTLY how my SiL doesn't want it but she did as she is told and pays 20 odd quid for something not cooked how she would enjoy it. She buys and cooks organic lamb from Doughtys or Barkaway Butchers so she does understand the concept and at close to 70 years of age has discovered he likes and dislikes.
My Brother describes the near 400 pound experience as pretentious and has always enjoyed eating out at good restaurants and is looking forwards to his next meal at Reads. As for me  five pound dressed crab from Mannings and a portion of Petes Fish Factory chips with my wife daughter and her hubby and kids on Mothers day will long be my favourite meal of the year

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  1. Well Don, I think fish and chips down at the kiosk would be more enjoyable to me than one of those fancy meals. I would also choke when the bill came and I'd be like your sister-in-law and want to be able to eat my food without it walking away from me over the table ;) But each to their own and we have family and friends who love nothing better than to eat out at five star restaurants. Oh, and it's a jacket potato complete with grated cheddar on top, and with baked beans for us tomorrow night :) Now I'm craving fish and chips!!!


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