Monday, 14 April 2014

Anyone out there heard of‎ for Promoting your Blog use social media

Well I must admit I hadn't either, I was sitting here on the laptop minding my own business and I recieved a link to another link and then, well you know how it is when you are lazily surfing the web. I would say I stumbledupon but thats another search engine. Why am I still so green with the internet even after 20 odd years online I learn something new each day, mostly the fact that I dont know anything. You would think a website that specialises in blog posts would have come into my searches before know, but no I have never heard of them seeing as on wikipedia it says
Technorati is an Internet search engine for searching blogs. By June 2008, Technorati was indexing 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media. Wikipedia
 You will note this has not been updated since JUNE 2008 and me being the suspicious kind  I has a look see. The link I had come from had first got my attention saying it had 30 secrets to enable me to PROMOTE MY BLOG POSTS now I like many others would like more traffic but when I dug a little deeper‎  seemed slightly skewed in its claims.
I tried searching for Promote Thanet, you guesed it 0 returns 
eventually I got a few returns for Margate newest about six years old, Margates Arlington House stuff from the early days before Tesco had been to appeal and the Turner Contemporary was yet to become a reality. 
So I then dug deaper and scratched the surface of the bigest moving blog of the week, it took an ages to move the pages on and the blogs it was recomending wouldn't load at all. All of this left me to believe this site being recomended was not as good as wikipedia was saying. Nothing about this on the place that recomended 30 Secrets it said use these secret for more visitors. I looked around the site and some of the ideas that were secrets it turned out everyone know, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ it read you need to spend 20% blogging and 80% promoting this may well be true but keep your efforts to up to date sites otherwise you are waisting your time. I wasting my time I started off about two hours ago and am no further foward other than being a bit wiser. DONT BELIEVE ALL YOU READ ON THE INTERNET is my best bit of knowledge I can pass on today. 
Hope you didnt waste to much time on the internet today.
Image credit to FREEIMAGES


  1. Hello Don, Isn't that the case when you said don't believe everything on the internet? If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Thanks for the FREE IMAGES link, I shall check that one out :) Have a good one. Denise xxx

  2. Thanks Denise I wasted a couple of hours getting more and more dissappointed

  3. It was my understanding that Technorati had passed into, well, the past.

  4. I clicked on a link that had ideas for improving site rankings and the delved into the recommendations it had been posted that day so not old. One of the problems of using copy writers I assume. You need to have current content that is truthful as well as current.


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