Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Will Manston Airport close

I have always supported Manston Airport I worked  at Gatwick nearly thirty year's ago and I saw what a huge employer an Airport can be. And success breeds success all the little factories around the area were buzzing. The entire area was standing proud. Virtually ZERO unemployment. Can you imagine that!! Yep defiantly worth two exclamation marks that. Every shop and every factory crying out for people to fill vacancies because between them Gatwick and Heathrow employed thousands. That was the dream I had for Manston the dream I had for Thanet for Canterbury and for Herne Bay For Kent. But may be I am just a dreamer I know coining the words of a song I'm not the only one. But those who would like to see the Airport employing thousand and enticing businesses to the area don't shout from the roof tops, unlike those who would love to see the Airport fail. I spent some time earlier today reading a blogger from Herne Bay the blogger has always been anti Manston and amongst the like minded folks the were all lighting the funeral pyres glad to be rid of the ministry old airport. The thing is you can hardly hear the planes I have been in Herne Bay and the Traffic and the trains are more noisier than a plane over a mile high. My brother and several friends live over there Hillborough Beltinge Herne and ask them if the airplanes disturb them and the answer is a resounding NO. Me thinks some folk like a lot of Ramsgate folk some Margate folk and Thanet in general folk LOVE TO MOAN.
  Well maybe they should see the HUNDRED AND FIFTY families of those who will loose their jobs the wives the kids the husbands who won't be seing a wage packet come into the house. And the knock on effect is huge hundreds more will be affected even down to the paper shop that won't be selling that extra Sun Newspaper. All because of Manston closing. 


  1. That's a real shame Don, I get sad to hear about things like this, knowing that folks will be out of work. Denise xxx

  2. Sad to see jobs go Don, but the airport was never going to be another Gatwick, it's in the wrong place. Besides, Crawley is a Grade A sh*thole, we wouldn't want our lovely island to end up like that, would we?


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