Thursday, 6 March 2014

Visit Margate Facebook pages

I love Margate and today found this Facebook Page called Visit Margate and it good. I try and Promote all Thanet related stuff but being in a wheelchair with Multiple Sclerosis it limits me to what I can do. So as much as I wish I could do a better job others out there have got some great ideas for places to visit and things to do whilst here on this beautiful Island, I know we are land locked but once upon a time Thanet was separated from the mainland. Thanet is reported to mean Isle of Fire or Bright Island also Isle of Death, Whatever the meaning of the name in the past Thanet now means a great place to live or visit and when you do it also guarantee's you a wonderful time. Picture from the BBC history pages Click Here for more info map of Thanet

Thanet as it was when the Romans were in Kent.  

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