Friday, 14 March 2014

Margate Turner Contemporary attracts visitors to Thanet

I have heard from many people moaning about the cost or the content. But like it or not the Turner Contemporary really does attract visitors. Two people I know have booked into a Thanet Hotel and are spending three days in the area. Eating in local restaurant's visiting local attractions and spending money in Thanet. I won't be joining them but others in my family will. I find it difficult in the wheelchair getting into restaurants and eating comfortably. I know all restaurateurs will be horrified by that but my condition is such I don't want or need any additional pressure. Back to the TC number one on their to do list was a visit to the Turner Contemporary. I am sure they are not alone in wanting to visit the TC it is a great asset to Thanet. I have always been for the Turner and the airport and Westwood Cross. I live here in Thanet and it is the 21st century, this is yesterday's future and we are living in it. The past has gone we have made mistakes some have been rectified we live with others but we can't keep clinging to the past.
The regeneration of this wonderful Isle needs the TC and the Dreamland project Tesco' s and the new shops and cafe.'s in the old town. It also needs the immigrants that populates portions of Cliftonville. Margate needs all of this and more. No one thing will regenerate Thanet. It's a bit like baking, lots of ingredients but the all work together to make a great cake..  No one thing can do it they all need to be mixed together. We all need to do our bit as well. Support local shops spread your spending. Super Market's are a fact of life but remember the other shops. We have some marvellous independent stores here and the need and deserve our support. Shop local make Thanet Great again it is not just the Turner Contemporary's job it is down to us all to regenerate Thanet.

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