Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Turner Contemporary art for all

The other night I watched some youngsters on the Culture Show discuss Art. True they were all doing Art courses and were very well versed in the subjective matter of what Art is or was. There was 16th century masters being discussed along side Contemporary Art and all in all the show was great. But the one lasting memory for me was the words you cannot create Art inside a vacuum. Why did those words hit me so hard? I feel it has a lot to do with Thanet and its perception of the Turner Contemporary. Lots of residents seem to live in a vacuum and don't want that peace they have disturbed. No matter what it is the Thanet answer to the question is no. Westwood Cross to Animal Export Tomatoes to Tesco Thanet objects to everything but get people started on Art they become defensive, if it ain't a Constable it ain't Art. After all every one has seen the Haywain and knows it's a cart in a stream. It is comfortable and like an old jacket that you like it's past its best but you keep it just in case you might put it on one chilly evening deadheading the begonia' s.
Art is so subjective in many ways it's like literature or opera, films or music we know what we like and we definitely know what we don't like. I was recently talking to my son in law Ross Andrews about his sand art. Lots of people love the huge bits of work he does, but he has had stand up rows with people who dislike what he does claiming he is wasting tax payers money which in itself is very amusing as he does it for his own enjoyment and as a challenge to himself and the occasional commission. He works 12 & 16 hours a day in his beach kiosk seeing the holiday makers visiting his bit of heaven Botany Bay here in Broadstairs. But because he dares to challenge other's perception' s of the norm ie work outside of their personal vacuums he must be getting some sort of grant or sponging off the state in some way he is often told he should very a job rather than draw in the sand.
We are Back to those youngsters again and their insights to other people's perceptions of Art and Artists. Now I have deliberately used capital A when speaking about Art and Artists because it is important to me and I would challenge other's to view art or Art from somewhere outside the vacuum they find themselves in and open and embrace ART after all it is what define's us humans from the Apes (I didn't mean to use that capital A)

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