Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Art of Boxing

Did anyone see this Culture Show program tonight? Boxing is hard work, I went to a boxing club as a youngster and it is full on and very hard work. My cousin boxes before he went in to the army and got some huge trophies and he was the loser wonder what the guy who actually won the fights got. The one thing that got me was it is a sport, and you play sport, like playing a game of football or fancy a game of golf. You do not play boxing. No one says let's go to the pub tonight and watch those two blokes play boxing, in fact now it is likely to be two women boxing and just because it is two women they ain't playing either. I was rubbish at boxing but it was good training. My daughter's go to boxersise for training and it is hard work they really work out. Boxing is back in favour and I am pleased it is a fine sport but it is even finer in training yourself for life.

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