Monday, 10 March 2014

Thanet American Football Organisation Hartsdown Park 29th March

Thanet American Football Organisation
I dont known about you but I dont know much about American Football but when I have seen it on TV and Would like to know more. My grandsons would be the ones to get involved in this sport they are young and active unlike me who is an old relic. I shan't be playing any type of football again but once upon a million years ago I would have loved nothing more than to play soccer but this American stuff was the stuff of comic books when I was a boy. But now Thanet has its very own American Football Organisation and if you want more details check out their Facebook pages  or ring 078911 48618 


  1. Well, I just got educated, I told my American football expert about your American Flag football and he said, "Oh yeah, that's when you don't tackle, you just pull a flag out of pocket." Now I know and it only took me 38 years to learn that ;) Hi Don, thank you for teaching me something new today about American Football :)

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