Thursday, 13 March 2014

Margate Staycation

I have just come from Cols great blog LOMOKENT and having left a comment I thought I would share his thoughts with you. He like myself lives in Margate. We live a mile apart as the crow flys and both share a love of this great town and Thanet in general. He, like me loves his photography and here in Thanet we get ample oppotunities to point and shoot, he loves his film cameras and often post pictures he has taken. We are both very lucky because when the weather is set fair Thanet is a wonderful place to be, the destination for many a holiday maker over the years. We are both old enough to remember Margate seafront with thousands upon of holiday makers flocking onto the sands or into Dreamland those days are distant memories but Margate has changed. The Old Town in Margate is home to Retro shops and boutiques and some wonderful cafes and bars. He and I are lucky enough to be close enough to benifit from these gems without traveling very far. But we dont mind sharing this wonderful holiday destination with you. Come and visit Thanet soon you may even see Col as he trys out one of his old film cameras or me as I rattle around on my wheelchair.

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