Saturday, 29 March 2014

Manston Airport Meeting have we still got a chance with Manston Airport?

Sir Roger Gale and Laura Sandys were at a meeting at Acol Village hall today. The meeting was held to discover what is happening to the Airport at Manston. Evidently a bid for Manston has been put to Ann Gloag. There seems to be little known about the bid or whom is behind it but it has been enough to get Sir Roger and Laura Sandys running around Westminster trying to drum up support for Manston. I am and always have been a supporter of of the airport and even as ardent supporter of Manston as myself must be feeling as if this must be the end of the line for Thanets airport. I have always thought that Thanet has a rosy future. We have gotten the Turner Contemporary the Dreamland project is in full if be it slow swing. Westwood Cross has changed the town centres and we need change to regenerate the them. Margates Old Town is the very epicentre of what can and is being achieved by independent traders with the lure of sun sea and sand and the added bonus of Modern Art.
 This post is starting to ramble, a little bit like the opposition to Manston. The airport has been dogged by those who consider Thanet a bad place for an airport and Manston as the scurge of the earth, it is responsible for all ills from from bad school reports to the falling in support for seaside holidays. People dont come to Thanet because we have an airport or so some people would have us believe. The constant noise  generated by air planes keeps all of Ramsgate awake at night Herne Bay Suffer so badly they have a blog title No Planes Over Herne Bay. I am sure the writer of the blog is an insomniac who is in a former role was an executive in a toy company because he or she have been throwing toys out of their pram for a long time. He I will call the author male because I am a male of the species and do not believe the female to be so stupid as the male. Manston has had its fair share of bad luck but I refuse to loose faith in its charms. Manston could and should have another chance a chance to shine and a chance to grow with the Parkway Station and to grow up with the Discovery Park.
Manston should be flying in tourists to the UK and scientists should be using it to get to the Discovery Park. Thanets Hotels and restaurants would be buzzing in this fantasy world I inhabit the fantasy also has the business park at Manston with dozens of factories alongside Cummins and each factory would be exporting goods from Thanet via Manston and employing  locals in their hundreds if not thousands. My belief in Mantson  may be misguided but I really do see Manston Airport as much a part of Thanets regeneration as the Turner or Dreamland. And to those who say the the noise generated by the planes is holding Thanet back I say you are wrong. My view on it is those who moan are the ones who are holding Thanet back it is they who are against every effort and plan and it is they who are in the wrong. But then I am Male and am unable to do more than one thing at once so I will continue to shout for the Airport until such times as I learn to multi task Manston is the future.


  1. Here, here Don. I'm with you all the way on this.

    For the record I live under the flight path and within view of the threshold.

    Manston can offer the young a future.

  2. What gets me is I know loads of people who live in Herne Bay and they don't hear hardly anything yet people whip up stuff. Still I am becoming more resigned to it closing.


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