Saturday, 29 March 2014

Manchester United beat Aston Villa

I have just watched Man U beat Aston Villa and had to laugh at those so called fans who wasted their hard earned cash paying for a stupid fly past. I was never a great fan when Sir Alex was in charge and have always said this season was for others to step up while David Moyse beds himself and the team in. I don't care what anyone says this post Ferguson period was always going to take some getting used to. The team are only human and such a huge difference between management styles would always take it's toll. The frustration a small minority of fans are venting with fly pasts and the likes are child like. I even heard these so called fans Glory Hunters. To me the comments made by Miichael Owen on BT Sport that the money would have been better off given to charity were refreshing and truthful. Those glory hunters have both wasted the dosh and gotten egg all over their silly faces. Well done Manchester United the glory hunters get a C minus.

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