Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Langoustines on James Martins TV Cooking show

When I was a boy most Saturdays we were treated to a seafood tea. My Dad would go to Faversham Market and buy a selection of shellfish prawns and Scampi tails fromSwans. seafood stall. I was taken back 50 years when I saw James Martin catching and eating Langoustines he messed around with voda and tonic batter, when I was a lad we just cracked them open and ate them with bread and butter with winkles and mussels cockles and whelks. The fun of getting a pin and teasing winkles out of their shells and resisting the temptation to eat them before the slice of bread was covered, I loved those winkle sandwiches! I haven't had scampi tails in years the breaded rubbish you get served up nowadays is nothing on what I remember as a boy. I enjoy watching the cooking shows but my memories bought back by todays offering were special. When I am next down at the harbour I am going to go to Mannings seafood stall and eat my fill.

This photo of Manning's Seafood stall is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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  1. Now this brings back a lot of lovely memories, going around Brixham Harbour to all the stalls where they sold cockles, winkles and whelks. My mum loved them but one of the whelks was trying to make a break for it and was crawling across the ground. Now that put me off a bit :)


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