Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Beautiful sunny day in Margate

I am sitting here looking out the window at the beautiful sunshine and listening to the birds singing in the garden. Yesterday after my hospital appointment we had a coffee at West Bay Cafe at Westgate on sea. A great cafe we sat outside in the sunshine eating Bacon sandwiches drinking coffee watching Gulls and Oyster Catchers on the shore as the tide retreated. Today I am sitting here waiting for a call from the doctors. As I typed that he called and sorted out my query about my medication. So now that call is done I can find a camera and see if I can get a better picture of the noisy Great Tit who is singing his heart out trying to attract a mate, I hope he soon does because he is driving us mad with his constant happy songs. I am sure those who are wondering round in shorts and tee shirts are wishing they had warmer clothes on it is bright but still a tad nippy. I shan't be ditching the cardie anytime soon but if you can find a suntrap like we did at West Bay it is extremely pleasant, I even caught the sun so if this carries on my tan will soon be topped up. Margate and the other Thanet seaside town had a wonderful weekend with visitors from far and near and with Easter just a few weeks away it all bodes well for local businesses and with more people planning staycations our localtourist industry will be in full swing, after all the combination of sun sea and sand is irrisistable add ice cream and bacon sarnies you are on the Edge of Heaven to coin a phrase from the great Margate based television show.
Pinched this picture from Michael Childs blog


  1. I presume, by 'the other seaside town', you mean Broadstairs, Don old bean. Ramsgate seems to have been all but forgotten and cut adrift by TDC and KCC. No squillion pound galleries here, or billion pound improvements to our seafront.

    Despite that, though, it remains, potentially, the most beautiful place in Thanet!

  2. Dickie beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I lived in Ramsgate and loved it but now live in Margate so this gem of our sceptered Isle gets more of my attention. I like you promote where I live but don't moan about the investment and where it is spent.


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