Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Word of Mouse

I was browsing the net looking at blog stats and stuff. I often look at Birds on the Blog their blog is of interest to males as well as female. I have an interest in Social Media as a way of increasing online marketing. Had I been still working I would be using blogs facebook and twitter to earn a living now my interest is new methods and ways to improve old ways of doing stuff. I first heard about the Word of Mouse via an article on Birds on the Blog
I think it is a great play on words the old saying was word of mouth but Word of Mouse is so up to date even cutting edge which is so unlike me, I am stuck in the 19th let alone the 20th century. I know so many people doing great business on the world wide web and I want to get more people to be able to benefit from what is not so modern technology. I have been messing around on the Internet for about 20 years but so many regard it as an alien environment. I can still remember my first efforts at posting code and pictures appeared from remote sites hosting pictures in a different country and everyone was able to see this stuff anywhere in the world. Now all these tasks are so much easier and can even be done sitting on a train with no more than a mobile phone. That is a far cry from when I first started out with dial up Internet connection external modems and heaps of tangled wires.
I love the concept of Word of Mouse, when I was working I got customers via word of mouth and I still maintain personal recommendation is the best form of advertising but things change, look around and all you will see is people communicating by laptops phones and tablets. Yep, we live in a digital world! How people do business has changed I used to have a shop and customers would come to me. I doubt what I did all those years ago would cut the mustard nowadays. I have a friend who sells more on Facebook each day than he takes in his shop in a week. He uses twitter Facebook as well as a website. Lots of people follow him on twitter and often when he posts new stock his twitter feed and Facebook become a hive of activity. He has worked himself a niche market and optimises his place on the web.
 Many shops and small businesses have an online presence even their own website and that is as far as it goes. They thinkI have a website  or a facebook page I don't need to do anything else I am up to date and internet savvy the £££'s will be soon rolling in. They don't even get a phone call at worst, or at best someone phones up to say they have seen the website and can they offer them web design services to update their  not so marvellous website!! Web sites are not a fit and forget one size fits all answer to getting yourself out there.
You need to have a scheme in process to keep things fresh, read any article about having a website that works and it will say keep content fresh. Search engines look at sites that have new content more often, and when the find new content they know the owner of that site wants visitors. If they know you never change the content of your website they wont bother coming back so often and after a while NEVER COME BACK. If the search engine knows you don't care he knows the visitors wont care and he will let your ranking slip further and further away from top spot and eventually you will be on page 2,500. I know not every website can be on the top of page one but with a bit of simple work you can go from being on page twenty five to being on one of the first five pages. Internet studies have show if some one is looking for your site they give up after five pages of google and they get attracted by someone else. If your website down on the twenty fifth page of google itn will not attract anyone looking for you, sure someone may stumble upon it but you want people finding you fast and that takes work.
 I am writing this post in bed I have not been feeling to good for the last few days. I have slept nearly all of today and now Heather is fast asleep I am wide awake writing this sitting up in bed and I keep turning on caps lock and some how opening the bookmark thingie and unwittingly typing in that rather than on this post so I am going to sign off and will continue tomorrow if I feel better than I have done. TO BE CONTINUED

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  1. Hope you feel better today Don. There are so many things I don't know about getting more people to read my blog but I suppose I don't investigate it because I am happy with the people I do get. I would probably be more proactive if I was running a business of course but am happy to potter along for the time being. I have always been a potterer. Denise xxx

  2. I PUT these ideas and tips up for the business readers I get. I am amazed and dismayed by the amount of businesses that make little or no effort after putting a website together.

  3. Yes, it's interesting how that happens isn't it? I am often surprised if I come across someone on the outside, and when I ask they don't have a website to go to, so that I can look at my leisure on line. In that way things have changed. You have time to look over something at a store, and then come home and look at it again on line and then I make my mind up. Anyhooee, thanks for the visit my friend. Happy Sunday to you :) Denise xxx


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