Monday, 17 February 2014

Shepherds huts Holiday at Home

I spend a lot of time on twitter as some of you will know. Well today I discovered Plankbridge Shepherd Hut makers on twitter click here  
My old dad would have known all about Shepherds Huts he loved his sheep and I in turn love to see sheep on the hillside. If I could have my time again I would love to work with sheep  but wheelchairs and farms don't go together.  I have seen the huts on the BBC coverage of the  RHS Chelsea Flower Show and on BBC Countryfile,

The huts are in all sorts of locations across the country and even further afield on the continent and USA. I was delighted to see on their site a link where you can find out about hiring them for holidaying. I know people are fed up with the rainy and  wet conditions and are booking holidays so now is a great time to investigate a break here in the UK. After all the floods and bad press the UK holiday destinations can do with all the help it can get and wouldn't it be nice to invest you holiday funds at home rather than in some far away Costa and prop up the euro. Money spent in the UK helps local communities. Shop Local is a phrase we are all familiar with but I am taking it to the next level and saying holiday at home and shop local. Plankbridge has a link to

 Brampton Barn Shepherds Hut

The Shepherd's hut at Hare Farm 

Plus lots more click here


  1. Good for you Don' you are a great ambassador for the UK. This sounds like it would be a lovely holiday. I have wonderful memories going down to Devon and staying in a caravan when I was a kid. Shepherd Huts sound lovely. I will check out the link. Thanks :)

  2. hi Denise they sound great dont they?


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