Monday, 3 February 2014

New Laws From EU 3,600 IN 36 MONTHS

I am not very good at maths but even I can work out that is 100 per month or 25 per week which means five per day. That is ridiculous th EU are issuing five new laws every day which is faster than I can understand. Its just a job for the boys and most disturbing is that business has to keep track and obey these new laws. The people who are writing this stuff up are all being paid thousands and they have secretaries and supervisors and then the people that over see this stuff plus all the lawyers and barristers. Eash off these new dictates cost an absolute fortune and why do they issue them? Are they making the world a better place ? I doubt it is the polite way of saying NO. Most of us are already mannaging very nicely thank you we do not need nor want new labels on our television or a new regulation thatchanges the botanical name of the tomato!!! I am sure the guys on the gravy train will dissagree but I am one of the EU voters who is paying for this rubbish. The fact is I dont want the EU to rule every facet of my life, In the few thousands of years the human race has been around we have managed to know something that hurts is bad so we dont do it again or if a sharp thing cuts dont rub your hand against it. Evolution has stopped us killing our selves by not making stupid decisions but now the Nanny State wants to take away the force that kept each of us from killing us and our family by putting teaspoons into sockets. We have managed for all these years and I for one do not want any more of this Unnecessary Nay ridiculous intervention from the federal european law factory of stupidity.
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