Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I want to see a Sandwich Tern

I have always been a lover of all wildlife and especially birds, my interest started about fifty odd years ago when my sister bought me a copy of The Observers Book Of Birds.
An innocuous little book but as a child I knew its pages intimately and I still have a copy on a bookshelf somewhere. Well getting back to the reason for this post, today I was once again looking out of the window watching the birds on the garden feeders and I looked up a bird I had seen on the TV last night. I no longer use the long trusted Observers book but an RSPB paperback. I found the bird I wanted and then stumbled upon the page relating to the Sandwich Tern. Now those who know that I live in Margate may also know Sandwich which is the place this beautiful bird is named after is only a few miles from where I am sitting typing this post! I have never knowingly seen a Sandwich Tern so that is my mission for this season. It wont return to these shores until the end of next month it winters far away in South Africa and it no longer frequents Sandwich so I will have to travel to see one so wish me luck in getting a tick on my list for the Sandwich Tern.

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