Saturday, 15 February 2014

Carlton Cinema Westgate Supportive Environment Screenings Notice

 I was on TWITTER today and lots of tweets about Carlton Cinema Westgate  and I read this about people who are on autistic spectrum and their families, friends and carers. I had never given it a thought before but the Carlton Cinema Westgate  has a Supportive Environment Screenings Notice and here is a copy of their Facebook page notice. I have asked to be notified so as I can promote and shows they cover. 

Someone asked us today via email what our Supportive Environment Screenings are. So, ask us, "Carlton, what are your supportive environment screenings?" I'm glad you asked, Facebook Likers!
Our supportive environment screenings are aimed at customers on the autistic spectrum and their families, friends and carers, although they are open to everyone.
The shows will not have any adverts or trailers and the lights will be left on through the film. Furthermore, the sound level will be lower and they will usually be scheduled in the smaller screens. However, a higher amount of ambient noise level can be expected on those showings.

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  1. Bravo to the Carlton! This is a great idea and I feel sure it will be well supported and well appreciated!


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