Monday, 13 January 2014

Wonderful day

Anyone remember that song what a difference a day makes? 24 little hours can make a huge difference. Today I feel much better, Victoria and Ross came and bought the grandsons and also Lunch. Yah bacon mushrooms tomatoes and to top it off poached eggs. I loved my grandsons "now we are talking" comment as he cut open his egg. My littlest grandson loves cake more than anything and his mum bought two cakes one a chocolate covered creation which he loved. After eating Ross and I chatted about his sand art creations and his website he has just started using Twitter and all the time he was here his Twitter account was receiving hits and his Facebook has gone bonkers over a creation at stone bay in Broadstairs. His creativity is drawing interest from far and wide have a peek at his website. So all in all my day today has been great after feeling so bad yesterday a complete reversal.
If I feel up to it we plan a trip out to grab a bacon sandwich at Pegwell bay sometime this week. But only if the Sun stays out. People who came in today delighted in showing how cold it was out side by putting their clod hands on me. Shane it wasn't raining I could have showed them how wet the rain was by pouring water down their backs. I must sign off now as I am in bed with my kindle and I need my beauty sleep. Don't forget to look at Ross´s website

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  1. Hello Don, I'm happy you had such a great day. I had a look at Ross' website and his sand art is fantastic! I wish him every success.


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