Monday, 13 January 2014

Whitstable Bacon Sandwich

I have told you about the Seaview Cafe at Tankerton before, well its bacon sandwiches are still  just as good. You cant beat homemade bread and lots of bacon! The view isn't bad either. We sat in the car and ate because it is a lot of faffing around to get the wheelchair out for a short stop plus it looked and actually did rain whilst were were there. I got Heather to take a picture of theNissan Figaro parked a few spaces down. Tankerton Slopes offer fantastic views, you can see Southend and lots of the Essex coastline. I had the binoculars on hand as always and could spy even more wind turbines off the Essex Coast. Considering the cost of these thing there seems to be lots of them out there and now we are not being hit with green energy taxes the owners will have to make do with earning from the electricity the produce rather than consumers paying twice for their supply. Lots of ships in the Thames estuary and great views of the forts off into the distance

they are the last physical remnants of protection designed during the second world war and a reminder of how 70 years on we faced and overcome problems through necessity rather than desire.
You can see some of the wind turbines in the background, I cant help thinking that they wont last 70 years but maybe that is just me being pessimistic. Back to dry land and here is a picture of the Nissan Figaro Heather took.

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