Friday, 10 January 2014

UKIP deny we have always had immigration

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Just watched UKIP deputy leader shake his head over the fact we have always had immigration. He wants to stop people being able to legally coming to the UK. We have a long history of immigrants even 2,000. years the Romans came. 1066 it was the French they just dropped in 200 years ago there were riots over the amount of European Jews. The mix of the United Kingdom wouldn't be what it is today if we had never had immigration. People imho are confusing illegal immigrants with immigration per se. They are two completely different problems. We see pictures of camps in France with these illegals trying to slip into the country by any means possible. Those are illegal and then everyone thinks all people from any European countries are illegal immigrants. We have always disliked immigrant population but without the Irish Navvy the Railroads would never got built and in the 1950's the busses wouldn't have run and now the BUS could not function if it were not for people who are not British.
Most people fear change, I have heard it said peoples race bars them. Should it not be a person's ability rather than their nationality or their sexual orientation? We are all to quick to point the finger or go along with the hype and hysteria whipped up by the media. I saw on one debate that they expected an influx of Romanians in numbers of up to 250,000 in January alone which would equate to approximately ten thousand a day. So far the actual numbers are in the low hundreds. So if you believed the media the total after ten days should stand at ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND where in fact it is below one thousand in reality. Fear driven news paper selling figures plucked from thin air are as far from reality as you can get, and the likes of Nigel Farrage of UKIP will fan that particular flame hoping peoples fears will win them seats. I once heard it said A LIE CAN TRAVEL HALF WAY ROUND THE WORLD BEFORE TRUTH HAS GOT ITS TROUSERS ON. And that folks seems to be it when it comes to immigration.
The funniest thing I heard was on tonight's BBC Question time I think it was a Liberal Democrat MP who regaled the story he encountered on the doorstep when a chap started moaning about immigration and then said its got so bad that he was going o sell up and move to Spain and the funniest thing was he could not recognise the irony of him becoming an immigrant to  the Spanish economy. A definite case of I am all right jack or maybe a throw back to our empire days where we could concur the world with no consequences we were the ruling class 

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