Monday, 27 January 2014

Twitter and Social media works

I never like twitter when I first encountered it and I have closed my Facebook account three times. But I have always had to come back to them. Why? because everyone is there. Internet is the way the word works and like it or not more communication is done electronically today than by  any other media. Yet people still have no belief in it. The amount of businesses that have no web presence even though the costs are   low and the returns can be high. We have just seen a major super market chain declare it has to offer online shopping to be able to compete, more and more stores in the high street are offering 'click and collect'. Argos has the ability to check availability and click and reserve. You can check for an item before making the journey they even send you a text to give you a reservation number. So why the huge gulf of the two extremes?
I personally put it down to belief. I recently contacted a couple of local firms about their web presence and or lack of it. One told me they do well with business from the internet and planned a complete revamp of their website to make online shopping a more exciting experience (their words not mine) for the customer. Another I spoke to went away and redesigned the website they already had and made it a much better more exciting (my words not theirs) experience for customers.Some one else I spoke to received about ten tweet replies on twitter whilst I was talking to them, they told me this was not the norm but had been on twitter earlier in the day and the tweets had caused a minor storm of interest. They normally use faceboook as a medium and the twitter thing was surprising them at the huge amount of interest in such a short amount of time.
Yet at the other end of the scale are those who do not have any belief. I was on twitter and recomended a local business to a fellow Twitter user. I then went on to the twitter account of the place I had recommended and was dismayed when after recommending them the twitter account had not been updated in six months. I had to do a lengthy google search to get a phone number for them and when I finally contacted them and spoke about the lack of updates on twitter was to it (twitter) does not work for us infact the internet doesn't work for us we have no time to update it or tweet followers because they are busy serving real customers! I was shocked the person I had recommended them to was a real person known to the local community and on further examination tried to buy from the business I was recomended and had made visits and calls all to no avail and was still waiting for a call back from them. A tweet takes seconds and can be done from a mobile phone. Customers of all demographics are close to twitter. Grand parents Mums and Dads and kids. I spoke with one nice chap who told me age doesn't matter Grand parents who don't have computers get info from sons daughter and grand children who do. The amount of time I have sat  watching TV with my kids and we have said I remember him wasnt he in so and so and before you know it the answer is there from google via a mobile phone. I know to me it is science fiction but it is science fact and if you are in business and dont use the internet you are loosing out.
Websites need to be fully functional, they need to work its no good making a site that google or other search engines can not find. GET SEO done. SEO is search engine optimisation which means get the best from the information you have on the web and make search engines find your site. I am not going into SEO here the web is full of it and if you can read you can find out how to do it. Twitter can be a real boon and its fun. Facebook is the same I never used to like Facebook but it is everywhere and it is fun and lots of my friends sell lots of stuff via FB.


  1. The problem with both is many businesses feel they can do it their selves. At the offset of setting up either, it feels like you are talking to yourself but if the content is compelling, people will come. And if you keep going with compelling updates, more come. I loved the challenge of Facebook which offers brilliant data to tell you how many people you are reaching. Often a business will start and get bored when they dont instantly have millions of followers. Thats why professionals need to be involved. Graphics help ALOT! I set up a Facebook page six months ago. I have been through 2.5M active feeds in that time. Thanet Memes (admittedly - a different marked) has over 4,000 likes in a couple of months. Proof that if the content is compelling, people will like your page. Like my page

  2. Heading on over now. People amaze me with the ability of defeatism Social media works and is relitively easy but as you say a proffesional is much better at it. I just play for my own satisfaction and enjoyment

  3. With the local blogging scene as good as dead, and facebook on terminal decline (how many teenagers use it now?), twitter is THE place to be right now.

  4. I agree Peter Twitter is the in place and Thanet gets plenty of tweets.


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