Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Tidying up my blog SEO tags

I try and spend a few minutes each week on blog housekeeping. Just checking that I delete sthapam and that photo's are in place. This helps two fold it makes sure all recent stuff is ok and I always do a bit to the meta description. Just by changing a few words Google's sea monkeys recognise it as being fresh and up to date. I am under the understanding Google have over three thousand algorithms to help them give recognition to web pages. I know that sounds lots but that's what has been bandied about and I tend to believe it. Anyone who does any SEO will know how hard it is to get decent page listings. I am of the opinion any small effort helped and if it is one of their three thousand hoops they want you to jump through all the better. Another trick that is not rocket science is fresh content and labels. Or on a website key words.keep them current and relevant. No good posting about tropical fish and key words relate to bicycles Google can tell the difference remember the three thousand? It may sound obvious but it may help you gain better ranking from search engines. 


  1. Yeah, but some of us don't really give a damn as we don't have ads and don't have anything to sell. My own blog is just for fun and for the enjoyment of those who find it via the link on your page or happen on it elsewhere by chance. I never have gotten my head around all Googles hoops anyway ... to me, SEO is Senior Executive Officer!

  2. Col you may not want nor need to but there are thousands of businesses out there that could benefit from easy tweets. I got a relative to adjust a few items on Seo and gone from unable to be found on Google to found. Not every site can be front page on Google but you don't want to be page twenty-five. Many people never do anything to their website and wonder why it's not bringing in customers


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