Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The myth of zero hours contracts

I am sorry but I can't stand it anymore. There is a myth that zero hours contracts are bad. I worked most of my life on a zero hour contract it was called SELF EMPLOYED. I and millions like me had no contracts no job security no company pension no paid holidays. In fact I often went weeks without being paid! Did I moan or whinge no I carried on at times taking evening bar work to ease the lack of cash, after all one has to feed ones family. I know lots of people who work these contracts and employ people. These people they employ are paid and get holidays and have no worry about getting paid next week  because the person employing them has mortgaged all he owns to ensure that they have their wages. I know . I have paid people and had no money available for food for my own family. We often lived out of the store cupboard on such occasions chin up and carried on. So to all of those Self employed out there who are proud to work ZERO HOURS CONTRACTS well done keep doing it because you are enabling those out there to moan about people who are paying their wages. No doubt those out there who expect someone else to take the risks or are employed by the state will disagree with me but  I never moaned about my zero hour contract.


  1. I do so agree Don!
    As I was self employed for some 40 years I resorted to minicab driving and my wife to domestic cleaning when our 'proper jobs' were experiencing a financial hiatus.
    As for minimum wages ... we'd have been in paradise to have made that much for our long hours and graft.
    But, it was the life we chose and largely enjoyed... despite the efforts of successive governments to grind us down. At least we could shift our aspirations downmarket and then rise again ... it must be hell when you start from the down and out situation.

  2. Spot on Don.

    Same with being a buy to let landlord with benefits tenants.

    The same with being a contractor.

    If you contract in a factory and the direct employed secure workforce find out that you are making more money than them ? They whinge like mad. But if you say well leave your employ, lose your benefits, redundancy, employment and pension rights. Then go contracting but you'll have to work harder. And make hay while the sun shines but the sun can be switched off without notice. That's the risk looking for another site where the sun is shining.

    Back in the day I have heard it "But you are making a grand a week". Piecework mate. 1980s too.95948

    Never seen a taker yet who would leave his security blanket employment package.

  3. makes me sick all they hype yet I worked self employed for and had no contract or wages, the ones who do the whingeing never make jobs just life harder for those who do employ people.

  4. Well said.
    I'm sure all self employed people and employers in small business would want to say:
    Very well said.

    PS I wish you would set your comments to include open id not just those logged in with google account. Even if you exclude anon. Why have you done that?
    Then I could have left this message in my other name of Mrs Tara Plumbing.

  5. If you look at education as the first interaction with the big world for children. What do they see ?

    They see teachers with status in society, secure employ and secure pay. Usually as a result of never leaving the education system to take a bite at the real world of work. School, uni back to school.

    If the kids see police. Perhaps as school liaison officers. They see people with good pay, secure job, status, early retirement.

    In Thanet in recent years they would have seen a schools police liaison officer who had kept his position as a constable in spite of a conviction for falsifying statements and perverting justice.

    If they leave school and have to sign on. They see civil servants with secure jobs, five day week, 9 to 5 work, pension rights. Why should life be so much different the opposite side of the counter?

    In the 1970s as billions of grant aid was pumped into Wales, their press appealed for sixth formers to leave police, civil service and council admin jobs to the less able who could do semi skilled clerical typoe work. Sixth formers were urged to take a risk (the sort of risk self employed take) and go to university to study difficult subjects the Welsh economy would need. Science and Engineering.

    Too few took the risk. If there is a council clerk job within walking distance of home with job security then blow going to uni.

    The burgeoning public sector and the education system and legislation have produced a risk averse country. Yet it is a country of envy. If a person takes a risk and makes money they are envied.

    But we confuse "Entrepreneur". The fat cats grabbing bonuses at the heads of banks. They are NOT entrepreneurial. They are risk averse in work that guranatees their bonus and severance rights. Win win equates to poor performance.

  6. Well said, I too am self employed and we are so under represented in the world of politics. Where is OUR voice?


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