Thursday, 2 January 2014

Thanet Photographs and Pictures

I am in the process of doing a bit of Promote Thanet House keeping and have been doing a few searches for various phrases to do with Thanet and its locations. This blog is a little behind the times when I searched for Thanet Photos. Another blog that I started years ago had one of the first images of Botany Bay Beach so I was not disappointed but seeing my Promote Thanet blog is my foremost concern I am going to have to change this. The photo I found was from 2010  so why have I not managed to get a more recent image? I have no idea how Google decides these things but I read somewhere they have over 400 different ways to decide a sites ranking so even with me counting with my socks off I have not got enough fingers and toes to work this stuff out but with my love of camera's you can bet I aim to change things if weather permits me to get out of the house.
 Thanets beaches are wonderful spectacles in the extremes of beauty. We have miles and miles of wonderful sandy bays and I promise some up to date pics of Thanet in the near future but for the next
few days forget it because having seen the weather forecast I AM STAYING INDOORS.
Chalk Stacks at Botany Bay Broadstairs

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