Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Year New Battery Thornton Bobby Cliftonville it is then

My wife has just headed out in search of a special little battery for the remote for my radio. First port of call is Thornton Bobby on Northdown Road in Cliftonville. I have known and used Thornton Bobby for years, when we first moved to Margate 25 years ago we rented a television from them and they have always given first class service. The last time we had cause to use them was when they installed our aerial for the digital TV services. Not only where they less expensive than some other aerial fitters not once did we get a deep intake of breathe precede any query just straight forward reasonable price and fantastic service. Heather (my wife) has just returned with the battery and my remote will be back in action for listening to my radio without getting up.
Duracell 2025 3V Li-Ion Coin Cell Battery
once again a local business comes up trumps, just pull up outside (plenty of parking) go inside and buy. Yes buying online could have been a few pence cheaper but I would have had to wait and the last time I bought an unusual battery from an online supplier they were flat  and no refund. So use your local independent retailers or loose them.

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