Friday, 31 January 2014

Microsoft Windows 8 fiasco

I first encountered Windows with Widows 95 anyone else remember the all singing all dancing new Windows 95? I have had several versions since then and now I am onto Windows 8. I find it hard to use it comes with nothing and it has just taken about half an hour to down load a free version of Freecell from the Windows shop. AND it has adverts on the side which so far I can not turn off. Have Widows got to big to care? YES do they care? NO it is a shame they have no interest in the customer or the customer experience. I keep saying it but Apple is looking a better bet but it is just to expensive. I run an old Apple G4 Mac and it is fun, you turn it on and it is like a little puppy it is there straight away and like a puppy it wants to play it pokes its wet nose onto your hand and wants you to do something it wants to get me to chuck a stick so it can run after it and then run back to me slobbering and panting eyes bright and shiny waiting for me to pat it on its head and say good boy.
I cant do that with windows 8 because the programmer had no sense of fun he was logical and buried the fun of life and I am slowly loosing the will to live I have only had this new version for a week but I am seriously thinking of rebooting the old G4 and desppite it being 20 years old it must be better than the new Windows


  1. Don, stick with windows 7 they will get a new version that works soon!

  2. its driving me mad I actually put the computer down earlier in frustration GRRRRRRR


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